June 14 Forum: Plymouth Endowment 

June 9, 2015

Church wide discussions continue with this informative forum about Plymouth’s Endowment, 10 am, Sunday, in the Plymouth Lounge.  Join Investment Committee Chair Don Schlosser, Attorney and Church Member Bill Zook, Moderator Jon Palmason and senior Minister Brigitta Remole as they present an overview of the Plymouth Endowment. Forum offers “Endowment 101” to provide members more knowledge and awareness about one of our most significant assets. This presentation will give us a better informed opportunity to dialog together Sunday, June 21.  

Topics: Church Life, Events


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Important Notice

Plymouth Church is open to the public Thursday, February 14, beginning at 9 am.

Plymouth Church UCC follows the Seattle Public Schools schedule for weather closures/delays. In case of emergency, please contact Executive Minister sdavis@plymouthchurchseattle.org. Email messages will be checked regularly.