Dear Plymouth Community… 

June 9, 2015

Today at worship, when my son received his high school graduation quilt, I thought about the fact that both my children spent their entire lives at Plymouth. From birth, through baptism, Sunday school, church camps, confirmation and youth forum ministry, all of you—Sunday school teachers, children’s choir directors, mentors, youth forum leaders, the amazing women who made them quilts—have held them in your embrace. To each and every one of you, my deepest thanks.

Who else do I need to thank? Let’s see: members of my Search Group and our Covenant Group, who watched Rita and Avery grow with interest, patience and love; the worship, ministry team and church leaders who gave them good deeds to witness; those of you who bought shares to support youth mission trips or simply had a smile for them or a kind word for a tired Mom; and last but not least, each of you, who by simply being yourselves, modeled how to be a person of faith in a complex and confusing world.

Through your love, you showed them God’s love, and for that, I am profoundly grateful. This is the one priceless gift which I believe will sustain them in the year to come, but which I could not have given them on my own. Thank you seems inadequate in the face of such an enormous blessing.

As we move ahead as a church, let us remember this treasure that we have to give: the capacity and desire to share real, authentic love. I’m not talking the Hallmark kind here; I’m talking about the nitty-gritty specific, personal kind of love— that makes mistakes, hurts others, hurts ourselves but gets up and keeps ticking. How do we do this, week-in and week-out, in times of celebration and times of strife?

As David Mallory said this morning, ‘we do it because we are people of God, and God is good and God is powerful.’  He said it, but YOU have proven it.

In awe of your generous hearts, and grateful to the God who called us to be church in this time and this place, –Jane Dunkel

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