SPARK! First Thursdays 

July 29, 2015

Thursday, August 6, Plymouth launches a new outreach noon event in the Sanctuary. The first SPARK! at noon hosts speaker, author and Director of Seattle Pacific University’s Perkins Center for Reconciliation Tali Hairston, and incomparable Seattle jazz guitarist Michael Powers.

Tali Hairston’s multicultural upbringing in Seattle’s Rainier Valley and at-risk youth ministry experience prepared him to lead SPU in a unique partnership as Special Assistant to the President and founding director of The John M. Perkins Center for Reconciliation, Community Development and Leadership Training. Hairston oversees co-curricular programs in global and urban service learning programs, intergroup dialogue and experiential education opportunities in justice, poverty, ethnic identity and cultural capacity.

Tali explains, “Having worked to understand reconciliation amongst diverse communities over the last 15 years, no matter the research presented, we continued to hear a constant refrain. That was, and is, everyone has a perspective or lens and that’s why we disagree...people seemed to accept the fact that we magically attain these lenses that inform our opinion and thus the origins of violence, racism, sexism etc. How do these magical lenses get created? Do we have anything to do with it? And how do they function? The power of the lenses we have, and what we tend to do with them, reveals much about why the work of social change, justice and reconciliation confound so many. One solution practiced historically has to do with the creation of shared space amongst divergent individuals.”

Michael Powers took up strumming guitar to strengthen his wrist after a childhood skateboard accident. Says Powers, “I learned how to play by sitting in at as many places as I could, developing eclectic tastes by playing with all types of bands: jazz, rock, blues, R&B and top 40. I wanted to learn how to play any kind of music that featured a guitar as a solo voice.” He is celebrating his 30th anniversary cd release, Retro Radio.

Hairston and Powers will share conversation in words and song from noon to 12:45. Join us!



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