Nominating Committee Update 

August 25, 2015

After many years of meeting primarily in the fall, Nominating Committee now meets year round to match people's desires to serve with Plymouth's needs. Bob Woodruff, Mike Pierson, Robert Neer, Mae Bell, John Daniels and Chair Cory Maclay first met at the March 7 Leadership Retreat and have since met twice. When possible, Rev. Brigitta and Jennifer Castle, Director of Faith Formation join gatherings to offer helpful perspectives and knowledge of the congregation-at-large.

The 2016 frame for this ministry is a call and match process. We believe our role is to first talk with, and listen to people within the congregation for where you feel called to serve, and then match your sense of call to Plymouth's current needs. Plymouth is undergoing change and will continue to change, particularly in response to our work with Center for Progressive Renewal ( Next month, Nominating Committee intends to work with each Board and Council, to help assess how their ministry may shift to support Plymouth’s direction. Then together, we determine what sort of participation best supports that shift.

Where is God calling YOU this year? Are you ready to deepen your Christian faith and relationship with one another through service on a Plymouth Board? Say yes! Please contact: –Cory Maclay


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