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August 25, 2015

The past two Sundays, we gathered in Hildebrand and listened to the McKinney Report overview. Moderator Jon Palmason and Senior Pastor Bigitta Remole led discussions. Members were encouraged to give their thoughts, share impressions and ask for clarification. Comments were recorded and will be posted on Plymouth’s website homepage under “Priorities.” Feedback from three church wide discussions (held this spring) regarding; Identity, Mission and Endowment are also posted here.

Spring’s discussions and initiating our relationship with the Center for Progressive Renewal (CPR) are integral in Council’s plan to lead Plymouth to new horizons. Senior Minister Brigitta Remole recommended that Council engage the Center for Progressive Renewal where The Reverend Cameron Trimble is Executive Director. Dr. McKinney is CPR associate and was our first contact. Rev. Trimble will visit Plymouth the weekend of October 3 and 4. She will lead a Saturday workshop; speak at Forum and preach at the 11 am service. Cameron will work with our Senior Minister and Congregational Council during the coming year as we move forward on our new path.

Feedback urged Council to be patient and provide ample opportunity for congregation’s feedback and dialogue. We are listening and have created more discussion times. Please join us at 9:30 am, Sunday, September 6, for an informal gathering to offer small group discussions led by Council members. At 10 am, Sunday, September 13, the first Sunday of our church program year, Forum will feature Council. We will provide feedback to the congregation regarding the direction Council would like to pursue and another opportunity for feedback. Council also reserved the 10 am hour, Sunday, October 11, for further discussions.

Again, see feedback and comments here. Thank you for accepting my invitation to communicate your questions and concerns. I have heard from many of you and urge anyone who would like further information to contact:; 206.2322452 ­—Jon Palmason, Moderator   


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