Bible Study Resumes; New Time Added 

September 7, 2015

Sunday morning Bible Study resumes at 10 am, Sunday, September 20, Room 323, with Courtney Hashimoto. Begin with Luke, Chapter 20. “Since the events in the final chapters of Luke are so well-known, I anticipate that we will accelerate our pace. In my remarks and discussion questions, I will emphasize setting the historical, cultural and societal context within which the events of the last week of Jesus’ life unfolded, with the goal of facilitating our discussion of how the Scriptures remain relevant in our time and for us as Jesus’ disciples.”

In addition to 7 am Bible study on Wednesdays, led by Brigitta Remole, Courtney will launch a 12 pm to 12:50 pm ‘Brown Bag Bible Study,’ Wednesday, September 23, in the Lounge. Bring your lunch! Study begins with Luke’s gospel. Bring a friend; all are always welcome.

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