Council Corner 

September 1, 2015

Some folks say Plymouth goes on vacation in August. Well, not Congregational Council! We met Tuesday, August 25, with a full agenda. Elizabeth Maher and Don Bell (CSSA Board) presented an overview about our new mission partner, Village of Hope. We plan further discussions as we help Plymouth engage with this important new endeavor. One item we will introduce in 2016 is a budget to assist Plymouth members with fees for the racial discrimination workshop offered by Village of Hope.

Meggie Rodgers, our former intern, made a request to be endorsed by Plymouth as she pursues military chaplaincy. Meggie is a recent MDiv graduate from Seattle University School of Theology. The motion to grant “in care” status unanimously passed.

Vicki Schoettle, 2016 Stewardship Chair, gave an update on the campaign that will be launched in late September. Theme for the campaign is: “Get in the Boat!” The committee wants to reach out to every member with a personal call, an ambitious goal and aligned with our overall aim to provide parish care for one another. Vicki also asked Council to set a goal for pledges. The budget committee is working on that and plans to provide the goal in September.

The Treasurer’s report reviewed financials and Council was told by Treasurer Doug James that pledge income is running ahead of goal and expenses are below planned. So we are in good financial shape seven months into the year.

Nominating Committee is working on recruiting members for Boards and Council. They seek folks who have an interest to serve. Please contact Cory Maclay (

The 2016 budget was discussed. Our desire to be more transparent requires further workshops and gatherings to give people ample opportunity to ask about budget process. How to plan personnel expenses was discussed; in interest for hiring a chief operating officer (COO) recommended by the McKinney Report. We may need to go into 2016 with slightly higher personnel numbers, to hire the COO, who in turn will align staff with the Senior Minister. It may mean an extra draw from the endowment. Plymouth needs to have a plan to see the goal we seek. Nothing has been decided and we plan more opportunities for members to share their thoughts.

The McKinney Report and last spring’s church-wide conversations were discussed. The moderator asked for an overview of the three discussions last spring: 1) Identity 2) Mission 3) Endowment. We also reviewed feedback we received from three recent meetings about the McKinney Report. More time is needed to review and dialogue. Members may go to the church website: “Priorities” to see comments. Some expressed concern that holding meetings in summer does not allow for full church participation. More opportunities are available at 9:30 am, September 6, 10 am, September 13 and October 11. September’s Council meeting will be held Tuesday, September 29. Questions? Please contact me at: 206.232.2452/                           — Jon Palmason, Moderator   

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