Interns Share Truth and Lies 

September 22, 2015

When our new Justice Leadership Program Interns were introduced to the congregation, They shared “two truths and a lie.” Ann Marie said that she spent a night in Amsterdam's Red Light District, spend some of her free time writing essays on cultural tragedies and volunteered for peace in the Middle East. “My lie was that I did not volunteer in the Middle East. I spent a night in the Red Light District as a part of my study abroad program and because of my interests and college studies. I did and still do seek to educate and inform others about cultural tragedies. Look forward to meeting you soon!”

Hannah said she studied for one year in Germany, was in a competitive college archery club and plays the oboe. “I did study for one year in Heidelberg, Germany, and have played the oboe for ten years in orchestras and small ensembles throughout high school and college. I have never actually tried archery. I am so excited to learn and grow with all of you this year!”

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