The Pivot 

September 29, 2015

Traction, clarity, sadness, loss, hope, new beginning – These are just some of the hopes and thoughts I have heard expressed about THIS weekend at Plymouth.

So what is this weekend? This weekend Plymouth hosts The Reverend Cameron Trimble, Executive Director and CEO of the Center for Progressive Renewal (CPR).

Last May, with the Church Council, I hired Rev. Trimble (CPR) as our church consultant.  Cameron is steeped in successful church starts and church renewal. You may recall that Bill McKinney (President Emeritus, Pacific School of Religion) and consultant for CPR visited us in June and provided an assessment of Plymouth. Following that report, Council and I led five feedback opportunities. I shared your thoughts with Cameron.

From Cameron and CPR: When people come to your church, they don't want to know more about God. They can Google God. Instead, they want to know God. They want to encounter the sacred in a way that moves them, shocks them, makes them laugh, makes them cry and ultimately changes their lives and the lives of their communities forever. Church growth is a byproduct of a vital, tangible Spirit alive in your congregation.

Please join me this weekend as we live into Plymouth’s future. Grace and peace. –Brigitta


Saturday — the ‘all-church (that means you!) pivot, 10 am-3 pm

10 am-12 pm   Hear concrete examples of vibrant churches living the three scenarios                       

12 pm-1 pm    Lunch

1 pm-3 pm      Reflection and strategy/Commission of Strategy Team


9 am              New worship conversation

10 am             Forum

11 am             Worship

12:15 pm         145th Celebration Reception in Hildebrand Hall

Topics: Church Life, Events


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