Art Celebrates Time 

September 29, 2015

Celebrating and acknowledging Plymouth’s 145th, two art pieces on the theme of ‘time’ will be exhibited in the Church Lounge during October and November. Rust monotypes “Vortex of the Eternal Now” and its companion “The Mill of Time” represent life stages and symbolic realizations within the Hero’s Journey. They may be interpreted to represent the path of the church and/or the individual being spiritually guided through time. Both pieces are part of a larger body of work that explore the universal journey and search for center, the still point from which all objective reality manifests and spiritually the point for which we all search. 

Artist Brian Fisher lives and works on Vashon Island, WA. His chosen mediums are print, paint and sculpture. He has a passion for story, particularly those eternal stories we humans tell ourselves. Brian loves stories that encompass how our world came to be, those that ask us who we are, what happens when we die and because we live in this moment in time, what is our purpose? Read more about Brian at –Janice Randall  

Photo: The Mill of Time


Topics: Church Life



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