Building Faith Together: October 18 

October 13, 2015

Hildebrand Hall, 10 am, Sunday, October 18

Church offers one of the few truly intergenerational gathering places in our culture. When we gather, we can learn and grow from one generation to another in unexpected ways. When did you last take advantage of this opportunity? Research says young people benefit from multiple, sustained relationships outside their immediate family. Teenagers are more likely to remain engaged with church if they have five or more adults invest time with them personally and spiritually. Life can feel isolating at any age. This Sunday, we have the opportunity to invest time in one another at the 10 am hour. Everyone can benefit!

Intergenerational small groups will share beautiful, thought-provoking books from Plymouth Library that hold messages for all ages about faith and values. Groups will reflect on books together and engage in activities designed to cultivate and strengthen relationships.

Looking at things through the eyes of people who have different life experiences and assumptions can nurture both the brain and the spirit. Please plan to participate. Gather as one Body of Christ, learn from the wisdom of the past AND build a future together. 

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