Council Corner 

October 13, 2015

Thank you to Lori Kaid, Kevin Bechtold, Mark Sandstrom and Bing Tso!  If you missed the service at 11 on October 4 we commissioned these folks to be our “Implementation Team”  They will work with Rev Cameron Trimble and Senior Pastor Brigitta Remole to plan and implement the 6 recommendations we have accepted from the McKinney Report:

  • Expand Faith formation offerings
  • Sustain membership
  • Ensure long term financial sustainability
  • Hire an Executive Administrator to work with and report to the Senior Minister
  • Create new worship experiences
  • Revise by-laws to make governance more flexible and nimble

Vice Moderator Al Wallace and I are ex-offcio on this committee and will be providing support and help lead the Council as we proceed forward.

The team is working hard on providing the Council a strategic plan for implementation.  Along with these six initiatives, we are also moving ahead with establishing a new faith community.  If you were able to attend the Trimble workshop on October 3 or Adult Forum and hear sermon on October 4 you will know we are talking about Scenario Two from the McKinney Report. The details need to be worked out. The first step is to create an Advisory Team that can help move this project along. We are intentional in selecting folks with specific skills related to establishing a new start-up.  If you have an interest and believe you have expertise we need, please contact me at or 206-232-2452.

Allow me to make a plug for Stewardship.  Now is the time to step up and support our church. We need all of us to open our hearts and wallets for this wonderful church! Pledge cards are in the office waiting for you!

What an exciting time to be at Plymouth! I truly believe our best days are ahead of us.

Blessings to you all,

Jon Palmason, Moderator

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