Students Share this Sunday 

October 20, 2015

Sunday school students, grades K-5, are learning about the Creation story. We experimented with shadow puppets, played with wind on the water, painted rainbows on old window shades and cooked “constellation pizzas” while hearing stories about the stars. We  created sun prints on the patio, participated in making doves, cut out rice crispy sea animals, talked about taking care of the earth and much more! It is a lively space filled with students, amazing teachers and helpers of all ages.

One Sunday in September, when exploring God’s gift of light, I walked to the window to join a kindergarten student. His face slightly tilted up as he looked out with wonder at the trees. Leaves swayed gently, catching light from the sun. He turned to me and said, “Just look at what God made. It is so beautiful.” 

This Sunday we hope you will come and “catch the light” of the children as they share their learning during 11 am worship. Through interactive music and drama, we remember and celebrate God’s gifts of creation. –Rosemary Hashimoto

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