Nominating Committee Update 

October 20, 2015

It's been an exciting and full month at Plymouth Church, UCC. If you were unable to participate in the October 3 workshop with Rev. Cameron Trimble, from the Center for Progressive Renewal, listen to her Oct. 4 Forum (where she summarized the workshop) and her sermon.  Click for Forum  Click for Sermon.

Saturday, October 3, over 50 people gathered, including many Council and Board members you elected this past February to serve in ministry. Together after learning the variety of ways others congregations have navigated the territory we face, we affirmed support for six recommendations:

  • Expand faith formation offerings
  • Sustain membership
  • Ensure long-term financial sustainability
  • Hire an Executive Administrator to work with and report to the Senior Minister
  • Create new worship experiences
  • Rework bylaws to make governance more flexible and nimble

We also blessed the four people who will work with Brigitta, Cameron and the Congregational Council to implement these recommendations: Lori Kaid, Kevin Bechtold, Bing Tso and Mark Sandstrom.

What does this have to do with Nominating Committee? Quite a lot actually! Governance structures for nimble churches are much smaller than Plymouth’s current slate. Because streamlining governance is one of the key recommendations, Nominating Committee’s next steps are not entirely clear yet. For a few weeks while the Implementation Team and Council clarify their priorities, we ask everyone at Plymouth to join the smiling faces you see here as we focus on these six recommendations.

Whether your role at Plymouth is on a Board, Committee, Council or with a group of likeminded people, ask yourself, “How might our ministry help move our congregation into closer alignment with these recommendations?” In this way, Plymouth has a decent chance to adapt, survive and even thrive into a future vastly different than the world around the congregation when it formed 145 years ago. Together, let’s embrace the challenge ahead so we can continue being God’s hands and feet in the world around us today. May God’s Spirit infuse our collective efforts.

–Cory Maclay, for Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee: (front) John Daniels, Cory Maclay,Mike Pierson (back) Robert Neer, Jennifer Castle, Mae Bell. Not pictured: Bob Woodruff, Brigitta Remole.

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