There’s Still Time to get in the Boat! 

October 20, 2015

Your Stewardship Committee has done things a little differently this year. Instead of hosting one or two large gatherings, members of our group have visited your groups, including boards, classes, Bible studies, choirs, covenant groups…and we have a few more scheduled! These small group discussions centered on why and how we give to Plymouth leave us all feeling inspired.

As you may expect, our reasons for pledging are many, including practicing gratitude, living into abundance, taking a leap of faith, carrying on a family tradition and spiritual discipleship. 

If you have yet to be a part of these conversations, we want to provide you more opportunities!  Stewardship committee members will lead discussions three times Sunday, Oct. 25 – 9 am in the Lounge, 10 am in Room 321 and after 11 am worship in the Sanctuary. Most conversations last about 30 minutes. Please join in our shared conversations whenever and for however long you would like! 

We are grateful for the opportunity to make this journey with all of you. And together, we look forward to riding the Spirit’s current wherever it may take us. Thanks be to God! –Katherine A. Guthrie, Stewardship Committee

Topics: Church Life


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