Stewardship: Get in the Boat! 

October 27, 2015

As we enter the last stretch of our "Get in the Boat" stewardship campaign, we are infinitely grateful for you who have committed time, energy and treasure to Plymouth for the coming year, and we are eager to hear from you who have yet to do so.

The process of stewarding Plymouth through pledge season has been a humbling and revealing experience for those of us who have delivered moments of ministry, written articles for the Herald and led stewardship discussions in small groups. For those who were unable to participate in a conversation and would like to, please contact me, Vicki Schoettle, at 206.478.6444.

This Sunday, November 1, fittingly All Saints Sunday, concludes the active portion of our 2016 Stewardship Campaign. We urge you to submit your pledge by Sunday; plenty of pledge forms are available in the office if yours disappeared under a stack of papers somewhere!

All are warmly invited to celebrate Stewardship 2016 with lunch after 11 am service, Sunday, Nov. 8, in Hildebrand Hall. Please join us for great barbeque, songs and maybe even some dance!

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