Worship at 9 am this Sunday! 

November 3, 2015

Humans often have a built-in skepticism about change. This is also true about change in worship. Likely, some have wondered what might unfold as many of us gather during the nine o’clock hour to discern what a new worship experience would look like.

We learned that we can honor traditions as well as enliven worship with new experiences. The bottom line is we must honor the diversity of ways the Spirit moves in our community. We must remember the mission of worship is not to please ourselves, but to build up the body of Christ for its work in the world through inspiring encounters with the Holy Living God and by being formed as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Because any group is diverse in ways we learn and communicate, we need to practice a “radical hospitality” with each other in order to offer life-giving worship that builds up the whole. Our goal is to build trust so when we do something new, sing something new, it means we can also do and sing something time-tested too. We want deep roots, and we want to soar to new heights!

Please check out Marcia McFee’s Worship Design Studio video where she talks about this. Click here.

Plan to come this Sunday at 8:45 am, for a hymn sing led by Sari Breznau.  Our theme is “Here’s my Two Cents!”  Based on the story about the widow who gives her last two coins to the temple (Mark 12:38-44), join us this Sunday in Hildebrand Hall! Grace and peace. – Pastor B and New Worship Planning Committee 

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