At the Core of a Social Justice Church… 

November 3, 2015

We at Plymouth are proud of our social justice history and work in the world. We are well known for this in our city and within the UCC. Advocating for social justice is how we live out our faith. We devote our time and resources for this continued work in the world.

Yet what are we doing for social justice within the walls of Plymouth? Why are we struggling to find more Companions? Why are people not flocking to this ministry that lies at the core of being a social justice church, especially as the need increases?

Plymouth’s Companion ministry exemplifies social justice in action. Companions learn to develop compassionate awareness for those struggling with mental illness, insecure housing or chemical dependency. Training develops skills to listen with openness, understand an awareness of limits and boundaries and how to ease isolation. Being a Companion also stretches us beyond our comfort zone, and it is ‘walking the talk.’

I invite everyone to the Companion training 9 am-12 noon, Saturday, November 14, in the Lounge. Whether you choose to become an official Companion, this brief training offers invaluable life skills. Please rsvp to:, or 206.622.4865.

We stand at a crossroads, a place where both dire need and great opportunity exists. Take the training. Become a Companion. Live out your faith-social justice in action. See you there. –June Hayakawa-Fung, Faith Community Nurse


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