Communication Matters 

November 3, 2015

What’s going on at Plymouth and how do you find out about it? Inquiring minds may be interested to know a few communication statistics.

Every week, September through June (and every other week in summer) we solicit, receive and edit articles from Plymouth members, boards, Council, staff and interns. We also audit articles from community organizations, the greater UCC and other faith communities for relevance and interest.  The Herald weekly total print run is 300, and 197 are mailed first class or hand delivered to Horizon House most Wednesdays.

Online Herald recipients number 417. Thanks to technology, we know the average open rate is 40.8% and average click rate (to read entire article) is 14.3%. While this number  is well above the average open rate of 19.4% (according to our digital mail service), we could do better!  

Last week’s open rate was a bit higher at 43.3% (179 times) and 24% click rate (or 99 times) to read articles beyond the headline. The most read story by far was Gary Southerton’s lead article (63). We can even see that most of you open your Herald approx. when you receive it at 5 pm, Wednesday. And a couple of you like to read church news at midnight! News items are also posted on Plymouth website for access at any time and articles are archived in case you want to browse a previous story.

The Weekly EBlast reminder has 417 subscribers, the average open rate is 41%. We try to keep it brief and include highlights and anything that missed the Monday morning Herald deadline.

Facebook Insights tell us we have 329 page likes. If you are a Facebook user, please ‘like’ the Plymouth Church Seattle United Church of Christ page. We update throughout the week , include Plymouth happenings and share relevant news items from organizations we follow. Demographics: 61% women/37% men, largest group of engagement ages 35-64, primarily in Seattle. Though we have likes from the UK, Central America and Europe too!

Plymouth’s Twitter account currently follows 708 people/organizations with 330 who follow Plymouth. If your tweet, follow us: Plymouth Church UCC@PlymouthSeattle. Thanks to volunteer Kyna Shilling for being our primary tweet-er!

Engage in conversations, check out what’s happening and please feel free to contact us anytime. Our purpose is to inform; we take our communications seriously, are open to ideas and unafraid to express a healthy sense of humor! – or

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