“…I was in jail, and you visited me.” 

December 8, 2015

Send God’s love to detainees in the Northwest Detention Center.

Sunday, Dec. 13, we can extend God’s love to people who are detained at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma by the Department of Homeland Security because they didn’t have the correct papers. Immigrants may wait months or years in the facility, separated from their loved ones, without knowing if they will be deported or set free. Conditions are bleak. 

Many signed a large card of greeting and encouragement last Mother’s Day. Plymouth’s Immigration Ministry team prepared individual cards which you will receive as you enter worship. By signing each of these cards and offering a blessing for the person who receives it, we extend God’s love beyond our walls and send light into darkness. Our Immigration Ministry Team will deliver the cards before Christmas. We are reminded of Jesus' words, “…I was in jail, and you visited me.” –Matthew 25:36

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