Snow Protocol 

December 14, 2015

Winter is approaching, and there is a possibility of snow in the next several months.

In case it does snow here in Seattle, we have a snow protocol in effect.  We are concerned about the safety of all who use this building, and want to encourage a responsible approach to unusual and hazardous conditions.  As in past years, for ease of communication and access to clear information, we will follow the lead of the Seattle School District as follows:

  • If the Seattle School District is closed due to snow, the church building will be closed also. 
  • If the Seattle School District schools open late, the church building will also open late (ex: 2 hours late opening for the schools = 2 hours late opening for the church). 
  • If snow comes during the day and schools close early, we will also try to close early, provided we are able to connect with clients who are here or scheduled later in the day.

So check your phone for updates, listen to the radio or watch TV for announcements from the Seattle School District and you’ll know what the church is doing.

If there is snow or snow forecast on a day when the Seattle School District is already closed (for example, during their winter holiday), we will decide by 6:30 a.m. whether the building will be open.  We will then leave an announcement on the church’s voice mail (206-622-4865) and website.

Thanks for your help and understanding as we cope with the whethers of weather, and let’s pray for drizzle and sun breaks!

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