2016 Proposed Governance Slate 

January 19, 2016

This year the Nominating Committee had a unique challenge: How might we align Plymouth's governance as closely as possible with recommendations discussed and affirmed in the many congregational conversations held in 2015? Specifically: how to create a slate of nominees for our existing governance structure that can be nimble and responsive to a stated priority of the implementation plan to re-define that very structure.

We sought to enable the current governance teams to function well, while simultaneously creating room for them to fulfill the emerging mission to create a larger variety of both worship and faith formation experiences.

After a solid year of regular prayerful and joyful meetings we believe we met this challenge. While this slate uses the structure which served us well in the past, but less well recently, it is filled with people open to the spirit of renewal and change at work at Plymouth.

When you see the proposed slate please note:
Compared to the number of people involved in governance in 2015, the 2016 slate has 13 fewer people, a 22% reduction. Of the 45 people nominated to serve in 2016, 80% are continuing from 2015.

Teams were designed to include people who see Plymouth from a variety of perspectives and we believe will work well with each other, the Plymouth staff, and lay leaders. Among these folks many are comfortable, some even excited about, the ambiguity inherent in upcoming changes.

Interestingly within the past 20 years the terms of the four officers have been configured in a variety of ways, including a long history of 2 year Moderator terms. In order to create continuity in the midst of much change, after months of thoughtful conversations, the Committee decided for 2016 to ask all four officers to serve a second year. Given the amount of work this involves, we are deeply grateful each said yes. Noticing this meant a second year with both a male Moderator and male Vice Moderator we considered the rest of the people exercising leadership and saw a healthy balance of gender identities and styles of leadership.

The full 2016 slate can be found here, in the Annual Report, the Plymouth office, and posted on the large bulletin board closest to the sanctuary.

Please join me in thanking Mae Bell, John Daniels, Robert Neer, Mike Pierson, Bob Woodruff and our staff liaisons Senior Minister Brigitta Remole and Director of Faith Formation Jennifer Castle for their diligent and faithful service on behalf of you, our beloved congregation.

Respectfully, Cory Maclay

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