Council Corner 

January 25, 2016

Thank you Plymouth for the large showing at our potluck Sunday. The neighborhood gatherings and subsequent Action Plan discussion was time well spent. Folks have lots of questions, concerns and suggestions. The Implementation Team recorded your thoughts and they will help guide us as we move forward.

This is a very important time at Plymouth. Sunday, January 31 is the Forum presentation from the Budget Committee. Our 2016 Budget will be presented in a new format. This will be a priority budget, meaning the dollars to fund our budget are divided among our priorities such as social justice, faith formation, worship and building.

Our desire is to move a away from a budget heavily weighted in minute detail to a more broad spectrum that gives us the ability to focus on our spending. The key to understanding the budget involves two activities on your part. First, you need to see the budget and attached detail, and most importantly, you must read the Budget Narrative that explains where we are going with this type of budget. Both will be available in the printed annual report this Sunday. The budget package is available on our website. Secondly, you need to attend the Annual Meeting at 6 pm, Wednesday, February 3. Please note the time change since we decided to offer a catered meal before the meeting.

The Annual Meeting will give you a good overview of what Council plans for 2016. Most importantly is the sensitive task of dealing with our staff level. It is no secret we need to reduce our staffing level to a more reasonable level, one that we can afford based on our resources. The Budget Narrative explains in detail how we plan to handle this issue; with grace and dignity. The Council is not prepared to announce specific staff cuts at the meeting. That would be impractical, and I am confident you trust the Council and our Senior Minister will make the hard choices you expect us to make.

The Action Plan is a living document that will guide us in 2016. Your support is critical and your involvement is essential as we strive to make Plymouth relevant in our lives.

Thank you to all who shared your thoughts and concerns with me. It is important that you stay in touch and let me know your concerns (and your joys!). What keeps me up at night are surprise issues that I am not aware of that need to surface and be addressed. Please do not hesitate to contact me:  —Many Blessings, Jon Palmason, Moderator

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