Implementation Team Update: Leap of Faith 

February 3, 2016

In a recent conversation with Bing Tso, he shared current thoughts and workings of the Implementation Team. Authors of “The Action Plan” (Brigitta Remole, Kevin Bechtold, Mark Sandstorm, Bing Tso and Lori Kaid), Bing explained the team’s foremost goal is to take a ‘facilitator role’ consistent with the Plan. A culmination of work done in collaboration with the Center for Progressive Renewal and resulting from many conversations with the Plymouth congregation, the Action Plan provides guidance and direction for Plymouth’s long term future.

Together with Council and steering committees, the Implementation Team has reached a critical point. “Synthesizing all we learned into the Action Plan, people have more good questions and concerns to consider,” said Bing.

One stand-out concern says Bing, is that people want to ensure Plymouth’s mission around justice and the faith community continue. The question of ‘who we are’ resonates around this key component central to Plymouth’s statement of purpose: “Growing people of faith who participate in God’s work in the world.”

“The Action Plan is not meant to be the end all,” Bing says. “It’s a work in progress and focuses on significant aspects, and not every aspect of what lies ahead. We hope to issue a refined version soon. The ‘Transition Portfolio Project Plan’ will define more specifics and importantly, milestones to mark our progress.”

“Another thread that runs through our conversations is congregational anxiety around the concept of a companion faith community. How will this look different? We realize and understand the uneasiness about the nebulousness of concepts presented in the Action Plan. It’s important for people to know this is not a fully formed vision; it’s simply pointing the direction.”

Bing adds that this time offers both challenge and opportunity. “Now is the time for others to get involved. What is God calling us to do? We have resources, people and talents. As a center of innovating thinking, Plymouth can become a clearing house for new ideas. As a faith community, this really is a leap of faith. Trying something different offers hope.” –Janice Randall

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