Make a Difference 

February 23, 2016

The fourth Sunday of Lent, March 6, Plymouth will collect a Special Offering. Half benefits  UCC's One Great Hour of Sharing; the other half go towards addressing local hunger.

One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS), part of Our Church's Wider Mission, is the special mission offering of the United Church of Christ that carries God’s message of love and hope to people in crisis. The UCC works with international partners to provide sources of clean water, food, education and health care, small business micro-credit, advocacy and resettlement for refugees and displaced persons, and emergency relief and rehabilitation. OGHS also supports domestic and international ministries for disaster preparedness and response. Learn more about OGHS.

Local Hunger: Washington is the 23rd hungriest state in the nation. We can’t build a strong future on empty stomachs. Our local focus for this Special Offering is on hunger. A high number of our neighbors cannot afford the food they need to remain healthy. Children and the elderly are the most affected, making up over 50 percent of the people utilizing the emergency food system. They are not just homeless people; they are the working poor, households headed by women, families suffering crises such as a layoff, medical emergency or domestic abuse. Help expand food security in the Seattle area.

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