March 13 Forum: The Gifts of Misfits 

March 8, 2016

Join us at 10 am in Hildebrand Hall, where we delve deeper into Eric Elnes’ Dark Wood. In addition to personal testimony, Jennifer Castle, Director of Faith Formation, will share a multimedia presentation with group discussion about how The Gift of Misfits is really the Gift of Authenticity.

Misfits show us how to stay true to ourselves. Misfits remind us that we lose something when we focus on fitting in. Misfits help us break out of our comfort zones, both as individuals and as a community, as we learn to accept the gifts they have to offer.

We all feel like imposters at times in our lives – that if people really knew us they may not accept us. Misfits help us remember we are all misfits in some way or another, and it is through authenticity and diversity that the kin-dom of God is reflected. 

Gifts of the Dark Wood is available in the church office for $15.

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