Street Heart Ignites SPARK! 

April 5, 2016

Sara Snedeker, founder of the Street Heart project, joins Rex Hohlbein for SPARK! at noon, Thursday, April 7. Sara creates many projects and installations inspired by social justice. She believes art serves as a platform to create inspiring dialogues that challenge assumption, bring people together regardless of affluence, broaden perspectives and open people’s hearts. She specializes in public murals, custom art, consulting, collaborative creative projects, interactive art painting and fundraising for Facing Homelessness — the purpose of the Street Heart project. Her image, Alias, is featured in the Lounge. Music by Seattle-based singer/songwriter Kat Eggleston. Bring a friend and enjoy! 

Photo: "Stephanie," by Karen Whitworth. Using light and color, painter Karen Whitworth strives to connect her subjects and their environment. She lives in Carnation with her husband and two young children.

Topics: Church Life, Events



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