Improv at "The Plym" 

March 29, 2016

Our Improv Leader Hannah Long-Higgins told us she has practiced Improv for seven years and that it has shaped her life. What metaphors and complexity lie within this game and art form and way of living our lives! This wonderful group of eight, ranging from age 23 to 72, plays together, laughs together, creates together, messes up together, explores together and is finding within this art form a new way to confront what life brings.

As we begin a scene and create a “base reality,” something as mundane as a trip to the grocery store or sitting in a coffee shop, we succeed when we listen deeply to our scene partner, match his/her emotion, build on what he/she says and pay careful attention to the “gifts” we receive that may reveal an “unusual thing.” From that point, the scene can take off in a hilarious and absurd way, but only if we keep focused on our partner. In contrast to life, in our competitive, individualistic world, the scene fails if one person takes over the scene or seeks to be the center of attention.

These few short weeks practicing Improv challenge me to be in the present, notice what is around me, build on what is there and disarm for just a bit my ever planning brain. -Betsy Hale

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