Coffee House Success! 

April 12, 2016

Thanks to all who planned and participated in the recent Coffee House talent night. Fourteen desserts were donated, multiple acts entertained everyone and the event raised $875.  “We had Soul Choir making bottle music, singers, instrumentalists, readings and a dancer,” says organizer Eppie Williamson. All ages, from Atticus Torres to Jessi Attri got in on the fun.

Funds go to Camino Segura/Safe Passage, started as a school for kids whose families (and the kids themselves) work, and sometimes live, in the Guatemala City dump. The organization offers programs for kids of all ages and adults; they partner with another organization to run a clinic.

“We went to view the dump immediately after arriving in Guatemala City,” says Eppie, “We stood on a cliff above the dump (from the city cemetery) which is basically a big hole in the middle of the city. The smell was quite horrible from where we were, a few hundred feet up. Working in the dump means going through the garbage and collecting things that can be sold to recyclers, who are near the entrance to the dump.” Thank you to Plymouth people making a difference here and around the globe.


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