How We Are at Plymouth Right Now, Part 2 

May 10, 2016

Called “Instructions,” this exercise involves making a bulleted list of steps an outsider would have to take to BE that character. Everything from “Never know where your wallet is” to “Fear raccoons.”

In the interest of gaining deeper understanding of each other, several brave souls stepped up when asked to write, “Can you give us just a few instructions, of how to be YOU at Plymouth right now?” It’s a way to tell a piece of our story.

Please jump in! We, all of us, want to know: What does it take to be YOU, at Plymouth right now? Email

How to be Helen Maclay at Plymouth right now:

  • Attend YF “weekly.”
  • Hear about the calamities going on in the church and feel fed up.
  • Hold tongue over snarky comments to others, that to keep Plymouth going we need change and to bring in new life.
  • Attempt to conveniently miss the 11 o’clock and feel guilty but also justified.
  • Listen to mom and other adults about what is going on.
  • Hope Brigitta is okay and that everyone in church realizes the effect they’re having (she’s on freaking medical leave!)
  • Go to church because being a warm body in this moment is very important.
  • Be guiltily grateful I’m leaving for college.
  • Do childcare, and be so happy we have an amazing community of children.

How to be Phyllis Daniels at Plymouth right now

  • I could be totally in a knot about Plymouth.
  • I can make bridges with folks who are upset.
  • I can support Kelle as she shoulders a big burden – notes, flowers, positivity.
  • I can reach out gently to Brigitta with notes and cheerful things.]
  • I can help Plymouth by being positive and refuse to denigrate ANYONE.

How to be Ruth Williamson at Plymouth right now:

  • Be happy playing bells and singing at rehearsal and in worship.
  • Be grateful that honesty is occurring within the Plymouth leadership and the rest of the community.
  • Ask friends and members how they are feeling and doing and listen to what they say.
  • Hang out with people.
  • Don’t share every thought and feeling as soon as it comes up.
  • Remind myself why I am a Christian, and constantly try to figure out what that means to me and how to act based on that.
  • Love people and act on that as much as I can.
  • Trust our collective selves to do the right thing in the end.

How to be Kathleen Wilson at Plymouth right now:

  • Be open to a variety of reactions.
  • Wonder what new drama will come in on my email.
  • Feel sadness about the anger, hurt; worried about health of our leaders.
  • Always want to know how I can Fix It (I can’t). Worried I don’t do enough.

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