Council Corner 

May 9, 2016

What does the Lord require of me?  to do justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with my God. –Micah 6.8

This verse from Micah comforts me. As a singer, I learned most of my Bible through song. Plymouth Chancel Choir has done a setting of this verse a number of times. The point is: we need to find our way. We need to figure out who we are and who we seek to be. 

The Council wants to help us find our way. We reached out to Rev. Mike Denton for advice and counsel. He is a source of comfort and strength. We plan to bring in a mediator that can bring us together and give us the opportunity to explore our concerns and fears, and help lift us to be a strong and formidable church. Soon, you will receive information by mail of our plan and what is expected of you. The message I want to convey is this: engage. We need you to be present, have a place at the table, share your thoughts and help provide answers –  to walk humbly with your God.

Please attend church. If 11 am is your regular service, try the 9 am service. See what has so many folks at Plymouth excited about church again. If 9 am is your cup of tea, attend the 11 am and offer your support and love and participation to this service.

The Action Plan seeks folks to get involved with membership, faith formation, financial sustainability and governance. Sign-up (office has the form) and be willing to give your time to help rebuild our foundation. Read your Herald. Check out the Plymouth website and social media. Open and read Plymouth emails. Be engaged; take responsibility and be informed. Walk humbly with your God. Blessings to you all. – Jon Palmason, Moderator

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