How We Are at Plymouth Right Now: Part 3 

May 17, 2016

Hear more wonderful voices from our writing exercise. Called “Instructions,” this exercise involves writing a list of steps an outsider would have to take to BE that person. Anything from, “Smile at small children always” to “Skip first period most of the time.”

Let’s understand each other better and tell (a piece of) our story. Email your own instructions to We all want to hear…truly.

Now, let’s learn how to be Betty, Bill and John, at Plymouth...right now.

How to be Betty Eberharter at Plymouth right now:

  • Show up with a smile and sincere greeting for whoever comes in the door.
  • Be happy to usher and pass offering baskets.
  • Be delighted when the choir sings and the bells play.
  • Be thinking of ways to thank Doug for his 11 years with us.
  • Be grateful and believe God's love will see us through this time of confusion (in spite of my frustration not knowing “the whole story”).

How to be Bill Maclay at Plymouth right now:

  • Have a mustache and goatee that nobody (including family) has seen behind for a quarter century.
  • Have a lot of changes in your family life going on, including both of your kids ready to launch into college, the recent passing of one parent and decline of the other.
  • Be super busy with work, family, friends and endless tasks of life maintenance – and generally love it, most of the time.
  • Be sad and concerned about yet another controversy at Plymouth; wonder about what would be constructive and healing; wonder about what is next.
  • Look forward to that recovery and return of our Senior Minister; look forward to new discoveries in spirituality, in the ways we explore and express our faith and in the ways we are in community together.
  • Participate in the adventure.

How to be John Daniels at Plymouth right now:

  • Be supportive of Brigitta and Jon P.
  • Be outgoing, greeting those I know.
  • Be outgoing, greeting those I don’t know.
  • Hug folks.
  • Talk with staff (June, Jennifer, Diane).
  • Have Brigitta and ______________ over for dinner.
  • Have others for dinner.
  • Pay attention to the prayer list and call some that I know.

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