Moving On 

May 24, 2016

If you have attended church services at Plymouth recently, you have seen firsthand the wonder and power of the Holy Spirit. May has been full of top-notch preaching from Associate Minister Kelle Brown, the new Executive Director of Plymouth Healing Communities Hillary Evans and most recently Plymouth Youth Forum’s (YF) graduating seniors. Hearing from the four YF’ers reassures me that all is right with the world. The next generation brings new hope and love to the world. 

My point? We are doing all right. We have work to do; we need to come together and reconcile ourselves with one other, and I am convinced we can do it. Ample evidence demonstrates how strong and vibrant we are. The loan Plymouth recently made to Mercy Housing shows we continue to lead the community in social justice. We held several workshops this year sponsored by the Village of Hope which included a large number of Plymouth members. Now the Council is exploring avenues for us to come together in community. I am appreciative of Pacific Northwest UCC Conference Minister Rev. Mike Denton for his help and guidance. Process takes time, so I appreciate your understanding. We will soon share thoughts on how to proceed.

Meanwhile, opportunities abound for all to help activate our Action Plan. Four major initiatives are under way. Faith Formation will be led by Senior Minister Brigitta Remole. I will convene Membership Engagement, Vice Moderator All Wallace is working on the Re-write of our By-laws and Treasurer Doug James will lead the charge on Financial Sustainability. I urge you to get involved!

Pick up a form on the main bulletin board, or drop by the office to sign up for a task group. We need you! Watch the Herald for updates.

The Human Resource Committee has been busy with the search for our Executive Director of Church Operations. I am confident we will have an announcement soon. This is a significant achievement for Plymouth, to create a new position to manage the operational side of the church so our Senior Minister can focus on worship, faith formation and pastoral care.

Plymouth is alive and well, ready to move forward and become even more meaningful in our lives and our community. Please join us. Blessings to you all. –Jon Palmason, Moderator

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