One Year Later... 

May 31, 2016

Rev. Bill McKinney of the Center for Progressive Renewal visited Plymouth one year ago. His visit included interviews with over 50 Plymouth members. Those discussions led to the document we call the “McKinney Report,” which provided concrete recommendations of initiatives to help “Rebuild our Foundation.” That led to our “Action Plan,” now guiding efforts to make Plymouth more relevant and vibrant in our lives and community. 

Council led 20 gatherings to discuss the report and solicit feedback. Now, we look back and see significant progress. Transformation of the 9 am service is absolutely remarkable. I encourage you to attend and experience a spiritual experience that lifts folks and helps provide meaning to their lives. I enjoy attending both services along with a number of other members. We get the best of both worlds. I refer to us as “2’fers.”

The other huge accomplishment is the recent hire of our new Executive Director Church Operations    The Reverend Steve Davis, who will join us soon and help lead Plymouth. (See related article about Rev. Davis). 

This leads me to ask you; step in and help. Several large initiatives are now in the works. I’m helping lead “Membership Engagement.” This task force will explore how we can position ourselves to attract the stranger. Thinking outside the box will be the center of our discussions. The objective is to make recommendations this fall. The other major initiative is Faith Formation, led by Jennifer Castle. Please consider how you can participate in these life changing opportunities.  It is our responsibility to ensure that Plymouth remains strong in our lives and continues to serve others. Sign up at the office or pick up a form on the main Lounge bulletin board. Blessings to you. –Jon Palmason, Moderator 

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