Growing and Learning Together 

June 6, 2016

I love you, people of Plymouth! You are my community, my church family. I am blessed to be a part of the on-going spiritual growth happening at Plymouth. We are engaged in the process of transformation. It is amazing work as we listen to each other and God and open to the Holy Spirit working in and through us. Together we are growing learning!

I’m experiencing my own personal transformation…a shift, an awakening. It began several months ago while jumping on the trampoline with my ten-year-old granddaughter, Sadie. We jumped, laughed and talked. How wonderful to play, share and be together. I decided I want more of that! With six grandchildren between ages four and ten, this is important relationship-building time. As they grow up, I want us to know each other! 

I realized, on the trampoline, I’d like more space and time for my husband Courtney, my children and grandchildren. To better honor these relationships, I decided to retire from Coordinator of Children and Family Ministries as of June 30. I want to volunteer and focus on children, parents, inter-generational connections, relationship building and worship planning. I can contribute to the community I love and visit my children and grandchildren, all of whom live out of town. Courtney and I may even discover a weekend for rest and relaxation!

I am grateful to have served on Plymouth Church staff for six years, first as part-time Director of Children and Youth Choirs. Highlights include sharing music during worship. Learning and recording Nimo Patel’s Grateful was inspiring, especially when Nimo visited Plymouth!

As Director of Youth and Family Ministries for the past 18 months, Brigitta’ s vision of summer music and arts camp inspired action. Her support, and help of countless volunteers, offered an amazing experience for forty-five campers, including sixteen students from homeless shelters. I’m delighted the camp continues this August under the direction of Jennifer Kaiton and Rachel Teigen Brackett. I will be there…as a volunteer! 

Other highlights include helping Brigitta with Wee Christmas Eve Service and being the primary support person for teachers in Toddler-Pre-K, K-5th and Middle School Youth (MYF). I am honored to serve you all.

Being on staff provided unexpected gifts. I learned that I am so far from perfect. Sometimes the amount of work can be overwhelming, with ample opportunity for mistakes. The staff acknowledged my gifts, forgave my slip-ups and we were vulnerable together; they loved all of me! Thank you to Brigitta, Kelle, Wendy, Jennifer, June, Tad, Janice, Wanda, Diane, Deborah and Robert for your prayers, love and support; I am blessed to have experienced God’s grace, acceptance and community with you.

You are a loving, caring people at Plymouth. I look forward to continuing our work of growing and transforming together and becoming God’s people within our church, community and the world. –Rosemary Hashimoto    



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