Action Plan Initiatives Need Your Support 

June 14, 2016

One of the most important initiatives of the Action Plan is Membership Engagement. The Task Force begins as a study group to discuss how and why folks are connected to Plymouth. Look at members who have been here a long time as well as those who joined in the past year. Listen to their stories and reasons why they joined Plymouth. Explore why folks are no longer members. Is there a common thread to who stays and who leaves? Also explore the many ways the stranger can be attracted to Plymouth. How can we position ourselves to bring the stranger through the door? Discuss opportunities to stream and blog through the internet, which can attract people to be engaged without being physically present in our building.

Is Faith Formation more to your liking? Join Jennifer Castle and explore Christian education from cradle to adulthood. Join Rev Brigitta Remole for Worship design as we continue to explore worship practice for 9 and 11 am services.  

Later this summer we will address governance changes led by Al Wallace and Financial Sustainability led by Doug James and our new Executive Director of Church Operations, Rev. Steve Davis.

Please join us as we begin these task forces. These initiatives are short sprints not marathons. We hope to make recommendations to the congregation this fall and incorporate changes by 2017 annual meeting.  Pick up a form on the main bulletin board or in the office or call to sign up. –Jon Palmason, Moderator  

Topics: Church Life



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