Bravo Ushers and Greeters 

June 14, 2016

Thanks to the folks who unfailingly smile, wear their nametags, call us by name, direct us where to go and make sure we have a bulletin every Sunday morning – our Sunday morning Usher Teams:

1st Sunday: Brian Kastama, Mary and Jon Eytinge, Susan Berry

2nd Sunday: Jerry Haas, Caryn Hopkins, Cindy & David Lantry

3rd Sunday: Betty Eberharter, Sally Andrews, Iris Barnett, Dan Durland

4th Sunday: Greg Anacker, Jim Hadlock, George Lamb, Gary Robins

5th Sunday: Scott Stirton, Ardy Bergman, Allan Boyce, Bob Woodruff

Special thank you goes to Doris Leavens, who comes EVERY Sunday to help distribute hearing aids.

Thanks and appreciation is also due Don Gwilym for scheduling the monitors that help manage the bus from Horizon House. – Sincerely, Betty Eberharter, Coordinator of Usher Ministry

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