Justice Leadership Program Needs Your Help 

August 6, 2016

As we complete year four of the Justice Leadership Program and anticipate year five and beyond, we are keenly aware of the transformational impact that JLP interns have made on us as congregations and individuals, and the corresponding transformation the interns’ experiences have made on them. We dare to dream of a greatly expanded program that can extend this work to a broader social justice audience in the Seattle area. 

We also realize that housing is a major roadblock to expansion. JLP Program Director Rev. Rich Gamble stepped out in faith and commitment and purchased a seven-bedroom house on Roosevelt Ave N.E. in North Seattle. Four to five interns will live in this house beginning September 1. That's where you come in! 

During the next weeks we need to paint, clean and provide minor maintenance to the Roosevelt house. The house needs to be completely furnished and ready for interns. It’s a big task, but not so big when the work is shared by many hands. We will solicit donations for furniture and miscellaneous items soon.

Click here for a list of household furnishings needed.

To volunteer or ask questions, please call or email Elizabeth Dickinson jlp.elizabeth@gmail.com/206.320.0432. Thank you!

–In faith, service and justice, Don Bell, and Elizabeth Dickinson, Justice Leadership Program




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