Ending Racism: Action follows Intention 

July 11, 2016

Monday, July 11, the Village of Hope meeting was held here at Plymouth. Many of the 25 or so who attended were understandably weary from a week of national tragedy. Though there was a cloud of sadness and fear, this particular meeting became a place to hold the frustration, grief, anger and despair after so many traumatic events involving police violence toward African American men and Dallas police officers being killed.

Plymouth’s connection to the Village of Hope is a creative and intentional laboratory to determine how the church might be impacted and transformed through anti-racist advocacy. The relationship is also an invitation to explicitly make the connections between privilege and power, our role as faithful people in society and a clarion call to change.

Those who attended were asked if they felt an urgency to end racism. They were asked what they have done to forward the conversation and what tangible things they have done to change the landscape of racism. Our reflections were ones of small actions and intentions, such as advocacy and visiting those imprisoned at Clallam Bay.

Ultimately, those who participated were invited to hold themselves accountable in healthy and empowering ways, while being honest about the human rush to experience hope before transformation occurs. The meeting was a place-holder to recommit to the covenant of deep engagement and honesty, while doing one’s best to be healing and anti-racist agents who are willing to change the world.

All are welcome to join us at 6 pm, the first Monday of each month in the Lounge. –Kelle Brown


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