Council Corner: Moving On 

July 26, 2016

I just returned from family camp at N Sid Sen. It is no mistake the name of the camp means “Point of Inspiration.” From babies to senior citizens, we came together in community to pray, eat and play together. I wish everyone could have been there, to experience the love and care we gave each other..  We recognized that we have conflict; we sought conversation to help us understand how we can find healing. We celebrated Rev. Remole’s ministry and left the beautiful shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene committed to making Plymouth the caring community we all know it can be.

Council met this week and addressed two major issues: 1) Conversation to reconcile and 2) plan our staffing this fall with the departure of our Senior Minister. I have received many thoughts about a search committee and ideas on how it should be composed. Thank you! When we form a search committee has not been determined. Our immediate need is to develop a plan ensure we have resources in place when our new church season begins September 11. We will send a letter, share our thoughts and set at least two informational meetings to share plans with the congregation. 

Meanwhile, we will explore how to structure conversations around reconciliation. Resources are available to help us. I encourage you to engage. Read the Herald, check the website, follow Plymouth on Facebook and Twitter. Attend church; I am somewhat surprised from folks who make suggestions and observations about Plymouth and yet do not attend a service. How can that be helpful? How can you be a part of this community and not worship with us? We can do better than this! God bless all of us as we move forward together. –Jon Palmason, Moderator

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