Council Corner 

August 8, 2016

Were you in church Sunday? If not, you missed an inspiring and comforting service. Kelle preached a stirring sermon to remind us all that we have the talent, strength and desire to be a vital church and the ability to continue serving others. When she stated she has such hope for us, I felt grateful to be part of a loving community. Next Sunday, will you be there? I hope so; then we can have lunch together in the Lounge and more time for community building!

Your Council has two important tasks: I assure you we are right on top of both of them.  One, we need to create a staffing plan that meets our pastoral and administrative needs. Two, we are also committed to create avenues to bring us together after a tumultuous spring and summer. Three staff positions will turn over by the time we start our fall program. So it is no surprise that staff is our number one priority.  We are fortunate to have Rev. Kelle Brown and Rev. Steve Davis on board who are committed to join our journey.  Staffing additions are being evaluated. We will have an announcement soon and provide informational meetings to seek clarification, make suggestions and ask questions.

Council met with Rev. Jan Van Pelt,  a long-time Plymouth member with vast experience as a mediator and consultant to congregations in conflict. We are grateful to have her help and expertise. She will lead us concerning conflict and covenant-making, an important part of strengthening our bonds as a community. I am constantly amazed at the strength and talent we have in our church.

Please continue to be engaged, read the Herald, follow Plymouth Facebook and read your email! Most importantly? Show up and worship together. There is nothing more healing than for us to come together in worship. Many blessings to you all. –Jon Palmason, Moderator

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