Walk the Labyrinth October 6 

September 27, 2016

October 6, walk Plymouth’s Labyrinth. Fall has a secret for us. We say the leaves are turning. They color our sidewalks and gardens. The mask of green disappears as the chlorophyll breaks down, revealing rich reds oranges and golds have been there behind the green all along. This is fall’s secret: no turning, just unmasking the beauty inside. Beautiful divine qualities in each of us are always there, sometimes hidden behind fear or ego. Considering how we live allows us to become fully alive to whom we’re meant to be. The labyrinth offers time to listen into the silence to the Wisdom inside. Take time in sacred space for prayer, gratitude, meditation, self-reflection, Hildebrand Hall between10 am and 2pm.

--Sharon Brown, Labyrinth Ministry

Topics: Church Life, Events



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