Council Corner 

September 6, 2016

Sunday September 4, during Senior Minister Brigitta Remole’s final church service, she led the Reception of New Members to receive The Reverend Kelle Brown and The Reverend Steve Davis.  She then introduced our two new members, Rev. Kelle Brown as Minister of Worship and Spiritual Life, and Rev. Steve Davis as Minister of Administration and Church Operations.  It was quite a moment; a passing of the baton. What Brigitta did so graciously was to introduce our new staffing plan.

We are fortunate to have Rev. Kelle Brown and Rev. Steven Davis on board and ready to serve.  With Kelle, we have an outstanding preacher who has delivered sermons with power and grace. Her pastoral care skills have received high marks. Steve Davis has won the hearts of this church in a very short period of time. His administrative and ministry skills are effective and strong.  Together, they bring over 50 years of ministry leadership and experience to Plymouth. 

The Council  recommends we explore a shared ministry model with Kelle and Steve.  Kelle will handle worship, pastoral care and faith formation. Steve will focus on administration and lend his skills to membership engagement, stewardship and nominating. We still need worship and pastoral help and our ministers feel there are sufficient resources available for this fall. This will give Steve and Kelle time to “live into” this new model. We will then hold a number of gatherings this fall to learn how this ministry model could best serve Plymouth.  This will be a time for exploration.  Why choose this model?  We will invite speakers and hold workshops with people who have experience with this type of ministry. If we, as a congregation feel this is the model  we want to adopt, allowing for the discernment of the Spirit, we may decide to hire an interim minister to work with Kelle and Steve which will require a search committee for the permanent candidate. But we may discover that there may be other resources that would be a better fit than another ordained minister. Let’s keep our options open.  At this time, we think having two ministers crafting worship and pastoral care is best.   Steve will serve as Minister of Administration and Church Operations.  We will know more by the first of 2017.

That leads to the next step:  the call for Kelle and Steve. Yes, we welcomed Kelle and Steve as our newest members; we still need to “call” them.  Council will work with the conference to take the proper steps to hold a congregational vote. Our current by-laws allow the Council to make the transitional appointments we are  proposing. .  We will hold a congregational vote  to call Kelle and Steve, and we will need the congregation’s approval to move to this new ministry model. It is not yet possible to set a firm date or dates for these votes, but they will happen in 2017.

We are blessed. Together as a faith community, we have the power to do great things, to make a difference.  I am confident Plymouth is moving in the right direction. Please engage; attend one of the scheduled meetings this fall. The first one takes place  this Sunday, September 11 at 10 am in Hildebrand Hall. .

Many Blessings to you

Jon Palmason, Moderator

Topics: Church Life



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