Blessed Be The Ties 

September 13, 2016

Sunday, Sep. 18, Plymouth begins a six-week exploration of the theme “Blessed Be the Ties.”  Both 9 am and 11 am services are invited to consider how our relationship with the Holy forms and sustains us. Look at the possibility of transformation and celebrate our common connections with God and each other. Join us each week and explore different aspects of this theme:

Sep 18: Formed — We are formed by God, gifted by God, given life by God and held in God’s hands like clay by the potter.

Sep 25: Chosen — Have you ever felt chosen by God? Is God choosing you right now?

Oct 2: Woven — We are woven together in God's creation. Our relationships tie us to the earth and all creatures that dwell opon it.

Oct 9: Held — Jesus proclaimed a new relationship with a loving God that holds us close. Just as we are held lovingly by God, we are called to similarly hold closely those we love — physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Oct 16: Forgiven — Jesus forgave again and again. We open ourselves to Christ’s presence and answer the call to be his compassion poured out in the world, creating ties of love.

Oct 23: Blessed — Jesus always lifted up those who were put down. We are called to do likewise. How will we be a blessing for others?


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