Are You In? I Am: Here's Why 

October 25, 2016

A few impactful ministries come to mind when I think of our stewardship pledges. But before I share these I'd like to share just a wee bit about how I got here – to Plymouth. Because there's kind of a twist on the “I’m In” theme.

So WHO got me here 20+ years ago was my now wife, Sue, letting me know that my idea of a beach volleyball wedding party wasn’t the wedding she had in mind. Can you believe that?!

Church was foreign to me and it wasn't in my future at the time, but I loved her and wanted to honor her wishes. And I was a little scared of her mother. Enter Plymouth. Enter God.

Another thing happened about the same time. I was talking with a buddy about marriage, my discomfort around church, life-long commitments. He was like “Hey, if God wants to be part of the relationship, bring it on because relationships are tough and we can use all the help we can get. Right?”

God was muscling IN. And that's the twist. You see, I had painted a pretty nice picture of my life without God. But now God wanted some real estate and God was getting some!

Can you hear God snickering…“I'm in”?

Fast forward to today. The way  I'm in occurs to me almost as subtly as God’s whisper. It occurs to me as I’M ON…I’m on the journey. Plain and simple.

Sometimes I’m sprinting on the journey. Sometimes I’m crawling on the journey. Sometimes I’m stuck in the muckity- muck on the journey. Sometimes I'm taking a rest in a peaceful spot beside the journey.

Of the life-changing ministries at Plymouth that keep me on the journey, the ministries that resonate loudest today are the relationship workshops...the ministries...that Susan Yarrow Morris and David Morris led many times several years ago. And the ministries of music and singing. Learning a song with Soul Choir is like a prayer that comforts me at night and is there when I awake in the morning. Some people call those song worms; I call it prayer.

And most deeply, the ministries that bring me to my knees are the ministries that surround my kids. I see the many arms that held them…I hear the voices that sang and read to them…the smiles that reassured them…and the source – THE SOURCE - of unconditional relational and covenantal love that they don’t just carry with them but is part of them. And I am so so grateful.

So when you make your stewardship pledge, know and feel that you have and continue to make a difference in people’s lives. Thank you for your pledge and commitment. –Tom Maul 

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