“I’m IN!” 2017 Stewardship Celebration Thanks to All! 

November 20, 2016

What a magnificent day of celebration we shared Sunday, November 20! Worship services, Faith & Life “first look at 2018 budget” gathering and luncheon celebration gave us all the opportunity to express our confidence and excitement in “the new thing” that God is at work doing through us at Plymouth Church UCC. We look forward to announcing updates throughout the remainder of the year as we continue to receive pledges and fine tune our budget.

“Thank you!” The words seem insufficient for all those who made this weekend and the inspiration and dream culminate with such fun and creativity. THANK YOU PLYMOUTH CHURCH for responding in generosity and hope! Thank you “Team Stewardship” for all your efforts organizing speakers for worship and planning our meal and celebration. Thank you Plymouth Staff for all your work to prepare materials and coordinate information. Thank you to ALL who filled 184 slots for 15 minutes of prayer throughout our Prayer Week journey.

Sincere gratitude goes to the Stewardship Team who worked with the vision and plan I shared, even though in many ways it was different from previous years, and wholeheartedly said, “I’m IN!” You’re the best, and I’m humbled and grateful for your enthusiastic spirit. Please join me to acknowledge these who presented and shared and dreamed so we might all better see “the new thing” God is doing and join in with hope and generosity.

Catie Wilson, David Guthrie, Don Castle, Gary Robins, Kyna Shilling, Nancy Parker, Vicki Schoettle, Betty Eberharter, Kevin Saunders, Betty Behmke, Rev. Kelle Brown, Janice Randall, Diane Jacobsen, Jon Palmason, Al Wallace, Doug James, Kathleen Wilson, Don Bell and Anna Colwell, and the magnificent helpers from our Community & Care team.

I’m grateful for you. I’m blessed by the Plymouth Church UCC family. And with you, “I’m IN!” THANK YOU – Rev. Steven Davis, Minister of Administration and Church Operations

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