Making Space for Sabbath 

November 20, 2016

I've read the weekly writings of Plymouth staff members on making space for Sabbath. My experience is a lot the same, a little different. First, the same: it's hard to carve out time for ourselves – so many demands from our jobs, families and volunteer responsibilities. Here is where my experience is different:

There was a time when I was attending grad school full-time. I had a husband, two small children and a big house. I worked as Church School Director and served on my city’s Library Board, and I was intentional about taking time out to rest and relax. Every day, Monday through Friday, I spent an hour with a cup of tea and a book (that shouldn't surprise you!). 

Fast-forward about ten years. My husband was unravelling, my children were mostly independent, different house, different job, lots of volunteer responsibilities and my parents careened from one crisis to another. My workplace went from stressful to beyond toxic (a quarter of the staff left at the end of the year). There was a lot of crazy going on, but I stayed sane with my book and my cup of tea. “How does she do it all?” I was intentional about my time of rest.

Now I have a wonderful (second) husband, fine adult sons, two houses, a job I love and all those volunteer responsibilities - but not so many that they overtake my life. I have more time for myself, but where does it go? Why don't I still have my tea and book ritual? Why can't I find time to go to a museum, take a walk or file all those papers in my office? Because I don't have to create space for my version of Sabbath time, it doesn’t happen. I blame Facebook (I sit in front of the computer for hours); but there is only myself to blame. I need to get back to structuring restorative time. Just an hour a day - I can do it. Will I? Keep the conversation going, Plymouth. We can all benefit from making space for Sabbath. –Suzanne Sanderson, Plymouth Librarian

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