Special Offering Benefits Teens and Retirees 

December 13, 2016

The Community Service & Social Action Board (CSSA) designated two recipients to share the 2016 Christmas Special Offering.

Teen Feed is a local organization that responds to the most basic needs of homeless and at-risk youth in the following focus areas: healthy meals and lives, youth support coordination, street outreach, healthcare access, and engaging the community through service.  This is done in four integrated programs:  Teen Feed Meal Program, Street Talk Outreach Program Service Links for Youth, and Youth Access to Care.

The Christmas Fund, a ministry of the United Church of Christ Pension Board, provides direct financial assistance to the growing number of retired and active United Church of Christ authorized ministers, lay employees and their surviving spouses whose low-income annuities make it difficult to meet increasing living costs.   

Our Christmas season special offering will be gathered Sunday, December 18 and continue with loose offerings during Christmas Eve services. Last year, your gifts totaling over $7,800.00 changed lives; please give generously.

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