Welcome, Lowell Kimble 

December 27, 2016

Why and when did you move to the Seattle area?

 I lived in San Francisco for many years with my life-partner and husband, Mason; he passed away Christmas, 2015 and I had to re-evaluate. I came to Seattle to look for a retirement community since most of my relatives live in the Pacific Northwest. I also co-own a farm in Washington State with my siblings. This fall, an apartment at Horizon House became available which exceeded my expectations and I immediately headed north. It is great living close to downtown arts and culture.

Share a bit about your family/where you grew up, etc.

 During my formative years, I lived in rural southeastern Washington state. Growing up on a farm helped my brother, sister and I learn to entertain ourselves. My father gave up teaching and ran the family farm. As my brother says, farm life creates a wholesome family lifestyle. I must agree; it was a wonderful life even though being a farmer never entered my mind as a future career.    

 Tell us about your educational and career background.

 I had yen for adventure and headed across the Cascades to start my college education at a small church college and later transferred to the University of Oregon where I obtained a degree in accounting and business statistics. To avoid being drafted into the Army, I enlisted in the Air Force, trained as a navigator and ended my military career over six years later as a special systems operator testing newly designed navigational systems. Leaving the military as the computer age began led me to spend the next 25 years managing the development of computer systems. To finish my career, I managed finance for a pharmaceutical research company working on more effective and anti-addictive pain drugs.

What/who inspires you?

 As a young boy, the stories my great-grandfather told about surviving the Civil War and becoming an early pioneer to the Northwest instilled a love of life and adventure. The Church and education were important to him; in the early 1900s he insisted his seven daughters receive advanced education. Today, an education fund in his name is set to support education among his descendants.      

 Why Plymouth?

When I arrived in Seattle, I checked out several area churches. In San Francisco I was involved in churches that emphasized diversity in both word and deed. I found Plymouth to have that same enthusiasm. It is also nice that Plymouth is so close to where I live.   

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