Welcome Indigo Brown: In Covenant with Plymouth 

January 3, 2017

I moved to Seattle in 2003 when I was six. It was a big move, but my mother was going to seminary at Seattle University. We moved in the middle of my school year, and my mother enrolled me at St. Therese Catholic School. Essentially, this is where I was raised.

As to my educational background, I graduated from high school in Richmond, Virginia at age 17. Recently, I was accepted at the University of Washington, and will continue my studies to become a biomedical engineer. Ultimately, my goal is to attend medical school.

My mom inspires me, because she is smart. She taught me to do so many things, and reminds me that I can accomplish anything to which I put my mind. Because of this, I like to sew, travel, crochet, knit, sing, cook and try new things. I know the sky is the limit.

One of my passions is cooking. I enjoy cooking because it is math, chemistry mixed with creativity. I go by the recipes…well, most of the time. Other times, I enjoy adding my own spin on the recipes. One of my favorite things to bake is bread, and my mom asks for it all the time (She said, “Don’t tell people that!” Oh, well.)

I chose Plymouth because I love the social justice aspect of the church and all the different groups you can be involved in. I’m only 20, but my favorite group is the prayer shawl knitting group. The women are a little older than me, but make me feel very welcome. They teach me so much, and I love showing them new projects I am doing.

I’m so happy to be a part of Plymouth Church! Thank you for allowing me to tell you why. –Indigo Brown

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